Manage Your Account
My CenturyLink Bill
  • View/Pay Bill Online
    To see your bill and pay it online, simply click on View/Pay Bill Online. You can see all charges and pay any balances.
  • Billing Help
    Getting help when you need it is easy. You can find answers to your bill-related questions, and more on the CenturyLink support page.
  • Add/Remove Services
    To view the details of your CenturyLink account, log in to My Account. You will then be given instructions on how to add/remove services.
  • Special Offers
    Stay up-to-date on current offers and discounts, as well as options for upgrading your service at the best price!
  • 3rd Party Billing
    Cramming occurs when unauthorized charges appear on your telephone bill. To help prevent unwanted third party charges on your bill, contact CenturyLink and request, at no charge, a bill block that will prevent some third party charges such as charitable contributions, dial-up Internet by non-CenturyLink companies or other non-telecommunications charges from appearing on your bill.
Customize My Homepage
  • Add Content
    Make your Homepage even better by selecting and adding the topics, services and sites that appeal to you!
  • Create Account
    If you are the primary account holder (your name is on the bill) and you would like to create a new CenturyLink email account, visit the Create Account page. Once you create your new account, you will be able to add up to 10 additional email accounts for members of your household by visiting the Add/Delete Mailbox page.
  • Add/Delete Mailbox
    If you have an existing CenturyLink email address and would like to add up to 10 additional email accounts for members of your household, visit the Add/Delete Mailbox page to get started. Note - you must be the primary account holder (your name is on the bill) to add email accounts.
  • Email Settings
    Easily access and manage email account information by visiting the Email Settings page. Edit user accounts, add additional usernames, and update password and security information.
  • Username Management
    It is easy to create a new CenturyLink username by visiting the Username Management page. From there you can also edit user accounts, update passwords and security information.
  • Parental Controls
    Be in control of what users in your household can access. Find a selection of items to which you can easily deny or permit access.
  • Online Transactions
    Instantly view all credit card purchase activity associated with your CenturyLink account.